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Teeth Whitening

 Are you a coffee, wine, or pop drinker? Our in-office treatment is completed in 1 hour resulting in multiple shades whiter. We also can fabricate custom bleach trays  if you would prefer to whiten in your own home when it is most convenient. The trays are made personally for you, unlike many whitening systems.

Dental Implants

Implants are the gold standard to replace missing teeth. Dental implants can retain prosthesis, like mandibular lower dentures. With proper maintenance, home care, and regular appointments, dental implants can last a lifetime. The implants are placed by a local oral surgeon and our doctors restore the implants to full functionality.   

Porcelain Crowns

Dental crowns are made from porcelain and are placed over damaged teeth. They mimic the appearance of your natural tooth to restore form and function for a long lasting solution. 


Composite is a type of white filling material that can reshape teeth, fix chips, and correct other cosmetic flaws. The composite resin is closely matched to the shade of your teeth. We also offer a more long term fixed solution, dental veneers.

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